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June 17, 2013
by katharinaktellus

Holidays at Hogwarts

Hello you!

We’re Tobi, Alex and Katha from Germany. We want to tell you about our last summer holidays – at Hogwarts! (Hogwarts is the school where Harry Potter and his friends studied magic.)

This is Dobby the house-elf

Last summer we got a letter. It said that we could go to Hogwarts – yes, the Hogwarts of the Harry Potter books! – and spent our holidays there. A little, sweet house-elf called “Dobby” brought us a big parcel. In that parcel were some magic things like three magic wands, three magic capes (with it you can become invisible), some books, three brooms (to fly with them), an owl, a frog and a pot. And of course three tickets for the train to Hogwarts.  In the night of the 23th July a very big man knocked on the door of  Tobi’s house. We were watching a movie there, when we heard the noise. “Who is that?”, Katha asked. “Father Christmas of course”, Alex laughed. With a big BOOOOM the door opened. There stood a big, big man with a long, black beard. But his eyes were friendly. “Sorry”, he said and closed the door. “Where are the presents?!”, Tobi shouted. A little bit puzzled the man sat down on the sofa next to Katha. “Who ARE you, if you aren’t Father Christmas?”, Alex asked. “I’m Hagrid. Rubeus Hagrid. And I’ ve come to take you to Hogwarts. “To Hogwarts? I thought, that was a joke! We can’t go to Hogwarts – we’re muggles (not magic people)! And … we have to take a train in LONDON!”, Katha shouted. “These aren’t any problems. Come with me to spend your holidays at Hogwarts!”  “Lol”, Alex said. Tobi shouted “Hooray!” Just Katha wasn’t happy. “What will we tell our parents?” “They will forget everything after the holidays. And now come – but if you want to stay here …”, Hagrid explained. “Come on, Katha”, Tobi said. “Well, … O.K.!” Rubeus Hagrid – a giant of a man

The next mornig we stood at the biggest train station of London. Hagrid was gone, he had to do some things for Dumbledore (the headmaster of Hogwarts). Now we were standing here, between a lot of English people, and we DIDN’T know where our rail was. The rail 9 3/4. “Well, what about this idea: We try to go through the walls – one of them has to be the right one!”, Alex said. “Bad idea! We will hurt our heads. Let’s search the rail ten and nine. But if you want, Alex, YOU can do YOUR idea!”, Katha said. “Hm … where is a blue, flying car, if you need it?”, Tobi laughed. At this moment, Alex was trying to go through the wall next to us, Alex disappeared! “Where is Alex?”, Tobi shouted.  “I think, he has found the door to the rail 9 3/4!” So Tobi went really quickly towards the wall, but with a loud “Autsch!” he fell down. “That wasn’t the right wall”, Tobi said. Katha laughed, then she went more slowly than Tobi towards another wall – and now it was the right wall! Tobi followed her and then we were all together at the rail 9 3/4. Just Alex was a little bit crazy now because he had run towards the wall – and towards the train.  So he hurt himself a little bit, when he crashed into the train.
“Oh, it’s 10.55 – and the train starts at eleven o’ clock!”, Katha knew. The train was a really old one. It was green and red. This train was a steamer – and at least as old as the clothes of the people who were everywhere on the rail. Lots of children in capes and lots of parents in capes. We boarded the train, got our own cabin in the train and sat down. Our holidays could start!

This is the Hogwarts Express

We were traveling for one hour, when suddenly a woman came and opened the door to our cabin. “Do you want any sweets?”, she asked. “Oh, no, we’re having a diet”, Alex said. “YOU are having a diet – We would like sweets”, Tobi and Katha said. We bought a lot of sweets from the magic money which Hagrid gave us. Well, Alex ate one chocolate frog. After a short time a girl with brown hair opened the door to our cabin. “Hello, I’m Hermione  Ganger.  … And you are …?”
Alex said with his mouth full of sweets: ” I’m Alex.” “I’m Tobi.” “And I’m Katha!”, we said. “What’s the matter, Hermione?”
“I search a toad, Neville’s toad. Have you seen it anywhere?” “No, sorry, we haven’t”, Tobi said.
“Hey, Hermione, you can have our frog. He doesn’t like us and we don’t like him – his name is Herman!” Alex gave Hermione our green frog Herman. “Oh, er, thanks … maybe Neville will take him as his cover. And we are going to arrive at Hogsmeade, you have to wear capes there!” Then Hermione left.
“What a silly cow! ‘You have to wear your capes’!”, Alex shouted. “I like her”, Katha said and smiled. “And she’s right, we will arrive!”

This is Hermione Granger, she’s in the 1st form like us

On the rail in Hogsmeade we went out. It was night now. “Form one to me! Form one to me!”, Hagrid shouted. We went to him. “Hi Hagrid! You’ve lost weight! You’re looking good now! And you are tall! What about school?”, Alex said. “Hä? Oh, a joke maker! You will get along with Fred and George Weasley, they’re real joke makers!” Hagrid said, we all had to follow him to a big lake. And that was the moment when we saw Hogwarts. Hermione, behind me, said: “Uuhhhhhhh!”
“That’s Hogwarts!”, Hagrid shouted. Katha, Tobi and Alex smiled. “That will be a very good time …”

And now the rest of the story in pictures:

Alex meeting Voldemort – they are best friends!!! ;-)